2. Building the infrastructure

Detailed programme at the forum


Prof. Dr. Ramon Puigjaner
Universitat de les Illes Balears
Departament de Ciencies Matematiques i Informatica
Palma, Spain

Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Sherbini
Director of the National Telecommunication Institute
Ministry of Communications & Informations Technology
Nasser City,Cairo, Egypt


Prof. Dr. Benjamin Baran, Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, Paraguay
Ms. Mona Ashour, National Telecommunication Institute, Egypt

While industry and business provide an infrastructure for access to information resources as well as contents, the challenge is to define the concepts of "public domain" and "universal access" in a global context. This task should be accomplished with a view to promoting general public welfare while encouraging private initiative and protecting rightful economic interests.

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If you are interested in participating in the work of a Commission, please contact the co-chair of the Commission.
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"WITFOR 2003 White Book is now published"

The final Vilnius Declaration can be read and downloaded here.

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Themes of the Vilnius

For WITFOR 2003 Vilnius, the following have been identi-fied:

1.  Preparing the ground for ICT.
2.  Building the Infrastructure.
3.  Economic Opportunity.
4.  Empowerment and Participation.
5.  Health.
6.  Education.
7.  Environment.
8.  Social and Ethical Aspects.

WITFOR - Vilnius 2003