Economic Opp. Satish JHA, USA

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 Satish Jha


Satish Jha chairs Digital Partners, a leader in identifying, mentoring, seeding and nurturing social enterprises and eHealth-Care Foundation that provides web based patient, physician and hospital management services to small, community and public hospitals and physicians. Earlier he worked as a Divisional Head of Global Information Management for Roche, Switzerland, headed the Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals practice for James Martin & Co in the US, led Telos Consulting and consulted for several hospitals to improve their processes, best practices and information management. He also advised the CEOs of several Indian pharmaceuticals companies in the nineties to develop a global business strategy and some of them are now listed on the US stock market. He has lately been an invited member to the Board of MD/DC RHIO and the hospital track of MD Health Care Commission. He is a former Editor of The Times of India Group and has been focusing on the intersection of technology, business strategies and public policy in the areas of universal access to education, healthcare and bridging the digital divide. He co-founded PUCL Bulletin, Tarahaat.com, DESI Power, FREND, Digital Partners, Baramati Initiatives and Conference, James Martin & Co among others and chaired META Group India.

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