WITFOR 2003 Vilnius travel, lodging and cultural programme is organised by Delta-Interservis

tourism center
A. Jakto Str. 13
LT-2001 Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 2107444
Fax: +370 5 2107443

Flight tickets reservation
Delta - Interservis can make reservation for any flight, anywhere in the world. Booking the tickets at Delta - Interservis can save time and money.

Accommodation has been reserved in hotels in and around Vilnius. Many hotels are within walking distance of the Venue, others are easily accessible by shuttle bus (10-25 minutes).
Hotel rooms close to the Venue will be allocated on a first-registered first-reserved basis.

Cultural program
WITFOR guests can book optional tours that are the best way to learn more about Lithuania and the Baltic states. Please read more about the cultural program.

Visa arrangement
The information about entrance requirements to Lithuania.

You could download travel/hotel/cultural program arrangement form in PDF format or you can use online form.


"WITFOR 2003 White Book is now published"

The final Vilnius Declaration can be read and downloaded here.

To learn more about WITFOR - Vilnius 2003 download the complete brochure

Themes of the Vilnius

For WITFOR 2003 Vilnius, the following have been identi-fied:

1.  Preparing the ground for ICT.
2.  Building the Infrastructure.
3.  Economic Opportunity.
4.  Empowerment and Participation.
5.  Health.
6.  Education.
7.  Environment.
8.  Social and Ethical Aspects.

WITFOR - Vilnius 2003