WITFOR 2003 has specific objectives to:

Examine different initiatives on the equitable use of ICT applications, access to quality contents and information in the public domain and intellectual property rights, and the development of "fair use principles" in the Internet Age,

  • Develop a position paper on these issues and draft a Vilnius Declaration advising governments on strategies for the use of ICT.
  • The Vilnius Declaration is a document aiming at advising governments on how to formulate and follow the best strategy for the use of ICT in order to achieve global ICT.

 Discussions on WITFOR 2003 thematic areas will be the basis for Vilnius Declaration


"WITFOR 2003 White Book is now published"

The final Vilnius Declaration can be read and downloaded here.

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Themes of the Vilnius

For WITFOR 2003 Vilnius, the following have been identi-fied:

1.  Preparing the ground for ICT.
2.  Building the Infrastructure.
3.  Economic Opportunity.
4.  Empowerment and Participation.
5.  Health.
6.  Education.
7.  Environment.
8.  Social and Ethical Aspects.

WITFOR - Vilnius 2003