Youth initiatives next to WITFOR

The WITFOR agenda does not specifically include young people directly into the event, but leaves space for creative inputs. Therefore the WITFOR National Organizing Committee and The  Steering Committee agreed upon implementation of youth initiatives proposed by youth.

YOUTH PROJECT IDEAS initiative is to gather best youth project ideas concerning digital divide to on-line database and to promote this database among WITFOR delegates and other international events. You can view this database on-line in FLASH (this presentation will also be distrubuted for WITFOR delegates togeather with forum outcomes in compact disk).

ARTISTIC SHOW ON WITFOR THEME initiative was organized by youth organizations on 26-th of August in "Savivaldybes" square. Around 60 young people were gathered to show that WITFOR Vilnius 2003 is going to create a network which will grow and will change "information divide" into "global information society". Event was showcasted on national television "TV3", regional television "Vilnius TV" and also national radio channel "Ĺ˝iniu radijas".

Seminar for youth called "YOUTH INFORMATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES IN LITHUANIA" was the third youth initiative. Two speakers (Petras Sakalauskas - manager of European integration and society integration departament from Commission of Information Society Development next to Government of Lithuania and Eugenijus Kurilovas - manager of project departament of Education information technology center) were showcasting on-going projects in Lithuania aimed on narowing digital gap between regions and urban areas.

Initiated by:

  • Youth center for dialogue among civilizations (JCDC)
    Phone: +370 5 275 31 70, fax: +370 5 272 56 51

  • Lithuanian children and youth center (LVJC)
    Phone: +370 5 272 06 24, fax: +370 5 272 56 51
  • Public institution "Tikra produkcija" ("True production")
  • Information and communication science students organization
  • Lithuanian youth organizations councuil

"WITFOR 2003 White Book is now published"

The final Vilnius Declaration can be read and downloaded here.

To learn more about WITFOR - Vilnius 2003 download the complete brochure

Themes of the Vilnius

For WITFOR 2003 Vilnius, the following have been identi-fied:

1.  Preparing the ground for ICT.
2.  Building the Infrastructure.
3.  Economic Opportunity.
4.  Empowerment and Participation.
5.  Health.
6.  Education.
7.  Environment.
8.  Social and Ethical Aspects.

WITFOR - Vilnius 2003