What is the greatest impediment to equality in information technology?

a) other government priorities;

b) poverty and lack of  money;

c) lack of information and knowledge;

d) political regimes.

How can information technology help overcome class distinction?

a) by accelerating the devlopment of a civic society;

b) by improving communication between society and the government;

c) by making educational programs more accessible to the public;

d) by decreasing bureaucracy;

e) by decreasing corruption.


"WITFOR 2003 White Book is now published"

The final Vilnius Declaration can be read and downloaded here.

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Themes of the Vilnius

For WITFOR 2003 Vilnius, the following have been identi-fied:

1.  Preparing the ground for ICT.
2.  Building the Infrastructure.
3.  Economic Opportunity.
4.  Empowerment and Participation.
5.  Health.
6.  Education.
7.  Environment.
8.  Social and Ethical Aspects.

WITFOR - Vilnius 2003